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Gavisiddeshwara Matha (also called Gavimath) of Koppal is a one of the oldest monasteries in North Karnataka. Gavimath is at least 800 years old and one of the well known Lingayath Mathas. Gavimath is involved in uplifting the the society  by various activities like running educational institutions, providing food to the needy and imparting spiritual knowledge.


That's Gavimath hillock as seen from the rock on which Ashika's edict is inscribed. Most pictures seen in this post were taken on June 23rd. Instead of taking the road, Malatesh and  took the shortcut path on these rocks. The narrow path on the steep rock face starts at the left. We pass by the large pond which seems to be a natural creation. At the summit of this hillock is the temple with Samadhis of two Swamis.


Gavimath being situated on a hillock, has different levels within its premises- right from the summit to the gateway at ground level. The Samadhis are the highest level.